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Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, email promotions, video promotion, brochures, news letters, packaging, POP displays.



Web Design

We are here to assist you from concept to launch. We can help you register your domain, set-up web hosting best suited to your business needs. Design and upload and search engine optimize your site (SEO).

Graphic Design

We strive to create a harmony in a line of type, a harmony not consciously noticed, but clearly read. Not simply words on a page but carefully planned text and images, combined to create a mood or impression.

Print Production

We can produce printed material from simple one colour flyers, multi-colour brochures, CMYK process colour, high-quality digital printing for short run quantities, direct to press and document copying.

Web design with a client-friendly Customer Management System (CMS)


Oakville Children's Music Theatre
The History of Schooner Curlew
Northern Latitude Jazz


 In the seventeen years I have owned and operated my business, our web presence has grown from a simple one-page html site to the six market specific sites I have today. Read Communications is the second web designer I have used, and along the way he has helped me evolve the sites, as the Google driven internet marketing world demands. Together we have grown from one website to six market specific sites, transitioned the technology engine from simple html, to WordPress, added structure, photos, and graphics to ensure the site gets attention organically, all resulting in excellent search engine organic hits. Frankly I get comments all the time from my clients about the quality of my websites. Additionally, Bob manages the sites, so they are always up to-date technologically while constantly making suggestions to improve functionality. I highly recommend him.   

Robert A. Harrison Jr. – Curlew Charters Inc


I’ve been doing Web related business with Read Communications for over twenty years, actually Bob guided us into the design and management of our own site and for any years he worked with us to update and keep our site up front creatively. We eventually took total control of our site and that was the beginning of three years of hell, From hosting, basic site functionality, email and creative appearance we had problems.

I called Bob in May of 2019 and he jumped in to the challenge right away, I don’t know how he did it nor do I need to but within six days he corrected all of the functional defects, graphic and email problems we had been experiencing as well as moving our hosting.

Our site is now hosted and managed by Read Comm. and our problems are non-existent.

Oakville Children’s Music Theatre Ltd.


Thanks for trouble shooting the problem I was having accessing my company website. I appreciate you taking the time and easing my frustration. You made me feel as though I was your only customer – and I do recognize how busy you were at the time.

Bob built my first Northern Latitude Jazz html website about 10 years ago. The old style html site and customer management access was not the easiest to work with. Recently he built a new WordPress site and set up my access. Now I can update my Club Dates page with ease and I’m getting a great deal on my WordPress site hosting with Read Communications.

Northern Latitude Jazz


300% eco-friendly Website Hosting
We work with environmental foundations to purchase wind energy credits to put back into the grid three times (3X) the amount of energy we consume. In effect we not only wipe out our carbon footprint but we’re also negating the carbon footprint of two additional companies of our size. This is in addition to already using energy-efficient hardware housed in data centers which are designed to be environmentally friendly.


 Packaging, POP Display, Product Photography and Video Production

Product Photography

Have Nikon will travel! We can shoot on location or bring small products back to the studio for special care. Retouching and enhancing is all part of the service.

Video Production

Video is a great way to show off the unique features of any product. Post it to social media and/or embed it into your website. Click on the Photo and Video link to view the Tuscan Chef Oven Videos we produced.

Packaging & POP Display

Packaging and display design have always been a passion. Working with the best cad design people to create displays and creative packaging with dynamic structural integrity.

Like the captain of a ship maneuvering through safe channels. The role of the designer is multifaceted. We look after layout, typesetting, photography, photo retouching, image manipulation, web implementation or pre-press, production, and printing.

There is no substitute for experience!


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